Advertising MSRP When Selling with Required Additional Markup

Friday, April 29, 2022 3:55 PM | Anonymous
In today’s selling climate, vehicles are often sold over MSRP with "required" markup or additional services like paint protectant and interior protection. However, Section 475.310 of the Illinois Administrative Rules on Motor Vehicle Advertising provides that purchasers shall be able to purchase all vehicles described in an advertisement (or on a website) at the advertised price. Accordingly, if a vehicle is listed for sale at MSRP on a dealer website, but is sold at a higher price, there is an advertising rules violation. When selling over MSRP, the simplest way to comply with Section 475.310 might be to show the MSRP on the dealer website, and then add a caption below the MSRP entitled "Market Adjustment," stating the amount over MSRP that the dealer is charging for the vehicle. Dealers also have the option of displaying the MSRP with a strikethrough additionally listing "call for price."

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