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Coronavirus Resource Page

Given the constantly changing circumstances regarding COVID-19, CATA has created an information page for CATA member dealers. This resourse page provides direct access to federal government guidance and other materials to help manage new-car and -truck dealerships. We will continue to update these materials as the situation evolves.

** New Statewide Mask Mandate - Effective Monday, Aug. 30 **

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Chicago Automobile Trade Association
Chicago Automobile Trade Assocation

See how the CATA has been helping Chicago's New-Car Dealers since 1904.

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Chicago Automobile Trade AssociationHistory of the CATA

Founded in 1904, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association is one of the nation's oldest and largest metropolitan new-car dealer associations. Today, it lists 400+ new-car dealers as members.

Mission of the CATA

For more than a century, the CATA has stood for high principles of business. Its basic tenets remain as steadfast today as they were a hundred years ago: Promoting honesty and dependability in business operations; Employing truth and accuracy in dealer advertising; Standing by guarantees; Improving business methods and ethics and keeping competition fair so that dealers and the public are well-served; and Refraining from practices detrimental to the industry or contrary to the public interest. Currently, CATA dealerships employ more than 20,000 people in Chicagoland. Over the past century, these locally based small businesses have provided good paying jobs for their employees, who, in turn, contribute to their communities. The CATA’s commitment to excellence in automotive retailing remains its core value and will remain so through the next century.

CAS_no-year-125-100Chicago Auto Show

First staged in 1901, the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition in the world. 2021 will mark the 113th edition of the show.
Since 1935, the CATA has had the honor of presenting the Chicago show. Over the years it has grown with the city moving from the Coliseum to the International Amphitheatre to the original McCormick Place and then to the current McCormick Place. Today, the show occupies two exhibition halls with more than 1 million square feet of exhibition space.
The CATA’s generosity and commitment to the community is shown not only at the Chicago Auto Show’s "First Look for Charity" where last year nearly than $3 million was raised in one night for local beneficiaries, but throughout the year in countless episodes of humanitarianism and community involvement.

Latest News

September 17, 2021
New Illinois task force to battle retail thefts
The coordination will help the law enforcement agencies understand when they are dealing with isolated actors and when they are witnessing a pattern...

September 17, 2021
Illinois to offer $4,000 rebates to electric car buyers
Under legislation that became law Sept. 15, Illinoisans will be eligible for $4,000 rebates on electric vehicles they buy beginning in July 2022.

September 17, 2021
Mandatory vaccinations or weekly testing part of Biden's Covid plan
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is developing an emergency technical standard to implement the directive. It was not immediately...

September 17, 2021
Automakers increasingly aim to keep supplies low, prices high
Several factors have combined to push car inventories low and prices to record highs throughout 2021. Some automakers plan to keep them there.

September 17, 2021
Auto industry hit hardest by Covid supply chain disruptions: survey
The automotive sector led five other industries studied in a measure of which suffered the most supply chain disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

September 17, 2021
Cyber insurance webinar Sept. 21
Businesses, including dealerships, either are seeing massive increases in cyber insurance coverage at renewal or, worse, being denied coverage...

September 17, 2021
As dealers search for units, flood-damaged cars flood the market
Following a recent spate of wet weather in parts of the country, thousands of flooded cars are expected to reach new buyers. A review of what to look...

September 17, 2021
Selling inventory but losing customers
With low inventories due to chip shortages, it's easy for dealers to focus on what they don't have. A better strategy embraces both the "here-and-now"...

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