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With the new year, dealers have new legislation to monitor

November 10, 2010
Spring is approaching. Some lawns will sprout Kentucky Bluegrass; some will sprout crabgrass. Which brings us to the Illinois General Assembly.

State lawmakers in the early days of the latest legislative session introduced myriad bills, several of which concern dealers and motorists. Among them:

• Drive-away permits issued to out-of-state purchasers would be valid for 30 days, up from the current seven days, under House Bill 4796. Introduced Jan. 12, the bill quickly shuttled to the chamber’s Rules Committee, a sort of elephant graveyard where legislation often is sent to die. No action on the matter has been taken since.

• Hitching a wagon to Green mania, House Bill 4717 asks lawmakers to consider amending the Illinois Vehicle Code to allow the owner of a motor vehicle of the second division, which weighs up to 8,000 pounds and which is propelled by an electric engine and does not use motor fuel, to register the motor vehicle for a fee not to exceed $35 for a 2-year registration period.

Second division vehicles carry more than 10 persons and are designed or used for living quarters or for hauling freight. Since 1999, First Division electric motor vehicles, which carry up to 10 passengers, already qualify for the $35 two-year fee.

• Vehicle head lamps or daytime running lights would be required at all times under House Bill 4701’s amendment to the Illinois Vehicle Code. But law enforcement agencies acting in their official capacity would be exempt from the provision.

• House Bill 4778 would strike the extra $15 charged to those who seek a Korean War veteran license plate. Of the current fee, $13 is deposited in to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund, and $2 is deposited into the Korean War Memorial Construction Fund.

• Senate Bill 2849 amends Illinois Vehicle Code language on certificates of title to define an "owner" as a person who holds legal document of ownership of a vehicle, limited to a certificate of origin, certificate of title, salvage certificate, or junking certificate.

But if a vehicle is the subject of a sale or lease, or in the event a mortgagor of such vehicle is entitled to possession, then such conditional vendee or lessee or mortgagor shall be deemed the owner.