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Wisconsin rolls out new auction buyer's license

November 23, 2010
Persons employed by a licensed dealer or wholesaler who want to bid on and buy vehicles at auctions in Wisconsin must obtain a license from the state's transportation department. The licenses cost $6 to $12. The license requirement took effect Nov. 1. Under the Motor Vehicle Buyer's License legislation, only licensed dealers or wholesalers or licensed vehicle buyers can buy ve- hicles at wholesale auctions or from other dealers. A license application is included with this newsletter. Licenses issued to Illinois dealerships cost $12, and it expires the second July 31 after it is issued. All auctions across the country are restricted to sell only to dealers, dealership employees and dealership buyers. Wisconsin officials said the new buyer's license prevents unauthorized buying at auction. State officials said buyers who wait until attending an auction to apply for a buyer's license could face delays entering the auction Persons who buy vehicles on behalf of more than one dealership must have a license for each employing dealership. Such buyers can bid on behalf of only one dealer at a time. Dealer principals are not required to hold a Buyer's License to bid at auctions. The new license concerns non-salvage vehicles. Salvage vehicle buyers and bidders at salvage pools still must have a WisDOT Salvage Identification (BID) Card. Detailed questions can be directed to the Dealer Section of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at (608) 266-1425 or at