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White remains most popular new-car color in 2014

December 19, 2014
New-car shoppers this year weren’t very original when it came to picking colors. According to vehicle paint giant PPG Industries, white was the most popular color for new cars for the fourth straight year.
The company’s data shows that 28 percent of new cars were painted white in 2014 worldwide, up from 25 percent last year. The second most popular color was black, found on 18 percent of new cars, while silver and gray tied for third place in the popularity stakes, with each appearing on roughly 13 percent of new cars.
The data also is broken down by geographic region. 
In North America, white still took the lead with 22 percent, followed by black (18 percent), gray (16 percent) and silver (15 percent). White remained the most popular in other regions, including Europe (25 percent), Asia Pacific (31 percent) and South America (32). Interestingly, silver was just as popular as white in South America, meaning the two colors accounted for 64 percent of all cars.