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'We're all in this together'

March 20, 2020
Dear Fellow Dealer:
The CATA Board of Directors met March 17, and the prevailing spirit from the directors was, "We’re all in this together." A room full of competitors in the car business, and we were all united in feeling that cooperation and information-sharing will help us get through this National Emergency, as declared by the President.
There are more questions than answers right now but we want to provide you with a clearinghouse of updated information to keep your decisions informed to the greatest extent possible. Look to the CATA website,, for information to help you run your business during this unique time in our history.
Right now, it seems like most dealers in the Chicago market are trying to stay open while keeping employees and customers safe. Dealers are looking to cut costs wherever possible and persuading the OEMs to provide incentives and assistance to keep our businesses running.
The National Auto Dealers Association is lobbying in Washington to designate franchised dealers as essential businesses — especially considering our parts and service operations — and we will do the same in Illinois, to give you the option to stay open.
The CATA will remain functioning while we follow the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please call us whenever you have a question or concern that we can help with. We will work to stay on top of all developments and keep you informed. Check the CATA website,, often.
Bill Haggerty        
Chairman, Chicago Automobile Trade Association
David E. Sloan
President, Chicago Automobile Trade Association