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Weekend work 'significant' cause of staff turnover: NADA study

June 21, 2013
The more a dealership asks sales consultants to work on the weekends, the more likely those individuals are to pursue other opportunities and leave stores with significant staff turnover.
That’s one of the conclusions from the 2012 NADA Dealership Workforce Study, launched last year by NADA University, the education and training arm of the National Automobile Dealers Association in partnership with DeltaTrends.
The study showed that the dealership sales consultant turnover rate came in at 72 percent when the individual had to work four weekends a month. The salesperson earned an average compensation of $58,922, according to the study.
The turnover rate dropped (62 percent) and the average compensation earned rose ($59,100) when dealerships asked salespeople to work three weekends a month. And when dealerships asked sales consultants to work only two weekends monthly, the turnover rate decreased to 50 percent while average compensation moved up to $60,400.
NADA officials highlighted these results in hopes of drumming up more dealership interest for this year’s NADA Dealership Workforce Study. The deadline is June 30 to provide input at
Participating dealerships will receive an individualized report comparing their compensation, benefits, retention and turnover to aggregated data from their peers, the NADA said in a statement.