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Use best practices on Facebook

July 20, 2012
Jennifer Morand, the CATA’s new senior public relations and social media manager, has been meeting with member dealerships to help them bolster their Internet efforts. Along that line, Morand offers dealers a best-practices checklist for their Facebook activities.
1) Publish at least once daily. It’s extremely important to keep your page updated with new content and to keep topics fresh and relevant.
2) Engage with your fans. Solicit feedback UNRELATED TO YOUR DEALERSHIP (like, “Should Ford build a Super Car?”). This will help boost the number of “likes” or comments to that post – increasing the chances that your brand will show up in their news feeds more frequently.
3) Be visual. Whether you tie an image, video or link with your post, take advantage of the visual benefits of Facebook’s new template and fans will be more likely to engage.
4) Offer incentives. It’s proven that the #1 reason a fan becomes friends with a brand on Facebook is because of the incentives. Try offering up a coupon for a free oil change or a discount on a tire rotation service to not only boost fans and engagement, but also to get more people in the door of your dealership!
5) Socialize. Don’t just post “at” your fans: when fans respond to your question or comment on your post, make sure to reply or thank them for their feedback (whether negative or positive). This brings us to our next best practice tip ...
6) Deal with negative posts face-to-face (er, Facebook-to-Facebook). Let’s face it, not all fans are going to report positive feedback 100% of the time. It’s imperative to reply promptly (no longer than 48 hours) to fans who post on your page. If they’re unhappy with their service or a recent purchase, reply publicly that you will send them a private message to get more details. It’s best to take the negative issue offline and out of the public’s eye. 
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