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Upcoming DealersEdge Webinars

November 11, 2010

The Chicago Automobile Trade Association has begun a partnership with DealersEdge, to provide high-quality training and informational Webinars that offer the content to CATA member dealers at a significantly discounted rate.

The rate for CATA members for the weekly presentations is $149, or half what is charged to viewers who do not subscribe to DealersEdge. And to help introduce a new audience to them, DealersEdge will permit CATA members who have not already seen a Webinar to view the July 29 presentation free. Webinars premiere on a near-weekly basis.

Even for dealers who hold an annual membership with DealersEdge, the new relationship with the CATA represents a savings, because DealersEdge offers its Webinars to its own members for $198. Regular annual membership fees are $397, and normal fees are $298 for non-DealersEdge members.

And once purchased, the DealersEdge Webinars and accompanying PDF file are available for download and can be viewed later. Each connection, no matter how many in attendance at your location, costs a CATA member just $149. The fee covers the Internet connection - which includes both audio and PowerPoint slides. There is no need for a telephone connection to participate.

To register for any of the DealersEdge Webinars, go to On the tan bar across the top of the screen, click on Education/Careers and follow the drop-down menu to CATA-DealersEdge Webinars. Coming topics:

Thursday July 29 at 12 p.m. CDT
"Improving Service Menus Without Giving Away the Profit." The presentation offers an engineer’s approach for using small changes to see big profit improvements.

Thursday, Aug. 5 at 12 p.m. CDT
"How to Prevent and Survive a Factory Warranty Audit." If you think the factory doesn’t do warranty audits anymore, think again. And if you have not had one recently, your ability to produce clean, auditable records has been diminished by a reduced fear of enforcement. Review a checklist of issues and documentation problems that could need fixing.

Thursday, August 12 at 12 p.m. CDT 
"What’s Working in Dealership Advertising & What’s Not!" Where to allocate your ad dollars for maximum impact.