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Univision Radio Chicago on-air campaign supports local dealers

November 15, 2010

Univision Radio stations in Chicago are airing a campaign of announcements that encourage Hispanic consumers to consider buying a car.

All four Univision Radio stations — WOJO-FM 105.1 (La Que Buena); WPPN-FM 106.7 (Mi Musica); WVIV-FM 93.5/103.1 (Recuerdo,); and WRTO-AM 1200 (LaTremenda) — are participating in the public awareness campaign. 

The campaign intends to dispel some of the overly negative news being reported about the economic conditions facing consumers. The message was developed by radio station management with the cooperation of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association. 

It highlights the facts that there are many opportunities to obtain credit to purchase a car and that, with plenty of incentives, now is a great time for those in the market for new or used automobiles.

Univision Radio station manager Doug Levy said: "We have many car dealer clients on the air right now who are able to finance customers and get them into cars with really great deals. I think there is a lot of negative news out there that has people under the false impression that they can’t get financed, which is just not the case."

The awareness campaign is airing on all four stations in heavy rotation, to help usher some Hispanic car buyers into the market.

John Phelan, chairman of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, said: "We’d like to thank the Univision radio group for its positive and accurate message.

"With widespread industry incentives and special financing that’s available across almost all brands and lines, the CATA’s franchised new-car dealers stand ready to help transform lookers into owners."