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Unionized dealerships, technicians reach deal on 4-year pact

September 22, 2017
About 130 area dealers with unionized technicians reached a deal on a four-year contract Sept. 17, nearly seven weeks after the workers put down their tools and picked up picket signs.
Under the final deal, journeymen technicians will receive $1 hourly increases in base pay in each of the first three years of the contract ($33.30/$34.30/$35.30), then a $1.50 raise in the fourth year. Base pay hours increase from 34 hours under the expired contract to 35 for the first three years and to 36 hours in the final year. Base pay hours can be reduced if certain metrics are not met. Also, a 60-hour productivity bonus was established.
The deal also shortens the semi-skilled workers’ apprenticeship scale from 10 years to five years.
The Lube Rack Technician position was eliminated. Semi-Skilled Technicians now start at $13.50 an hour and increase to $14.50 after 12 months. Sixty-cent annual increases would follow. Part-time Express Team Technicians now start at $10.25 an hour. To comply with any minimum wage legislation, pay would increase to minimum wage if a worker’s pay is below it.
For a summary of the new collective bargaining agreement, call the CATA's Pam Grace at (630) 495-2282.