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TV added to CATA ad campaign

November 23, 2010
An advertising campaign that touts Chicago area newcar dealers as the best source to buy used vehicles and to service vehicles will add television to the mix by late April. Radio spots carrying that message began airing in late December. NBC5 Chicago will produce a 30-second commercial that will air on that station, as part of the campaign that is funded by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association. In the TV spot, a woman will convince her husband that it makes sense to use a new-car dealer for service-even as mundane as oil changes-because of the expertise of the service department staffs. The radio campaign begun three months ago emphasizes that the dealer service departments are convenient, reasonably priced and trustworthy; and they guarantee their quality service. The spots also laud the prices and selection of used vehicles at new-vehicle dealerships. Paid spots air in 2003 during the first two weeks of seven months. The stations used in the campaign  complement those paid spots with no-charge airings during the other five months. Every month this year features a "sudden impact" series, wherein during one day near month's end, all participating stations air the campaign's 10-second message hourly for 24 hours. The spots air on a variety of Chicago stations with varied formats, including WGN Radio 720, WLS Newstalk 890, seven stations from the Infinity Group (WBBMAM, WBBM-FM, WCKGFM, WJMK-FM, WSCRAM, WUSN-FM and WXRT-FM), and two stations from Bonneville International (WTMX-FM and WDRV-FM).