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Tesla can sell direct in New Jersey

April 10, 2015
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie waited all of 48 hours after the bill reached his desk in March to sign into law the ability for Tesla to bypass the dealer franchise system and sell directly to consumers.
Tesla will be permitted to operate up to four factory stores and at least one factory service center. The legislation provides that Tesla is the only manufacturer that can bypass the franchise system.
New Jersey new-car dealers are frustrated that the state legislature moved on Tesla-backed amendments to motor vehicle franchise laws while dealer-backed franchise law amendments still await a Senate vote. The dealer-backed amendments would strengthen and clarify the rights of franchised new-car dealers and encourage investment in the auto retail sector, which in New Jersey employs 35,000 people. 
The Garden State’s network of 500-plus independently owned, neighborhood new-car dealerships promote vigorous price competition, protect the public interest in highway safety by ensuring ready access to warranty and safety recall repair service and generate good-paying local jobs, tax revenues and economic benefits. The dealer-backed amendments to the franchise law would help grow jobs and increase consumer benefits of the franchise system.