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Take a virtual walk through the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

November 10, 2010
 The Chicago Auto Show will make technology history in February by being the first auto show to provide a virtual experience for Internet visitors. Using NewStep’sWebWalk technology, visitors to will be able to get an in-depth glimpse at the different exhibits showcased at this year’s show.

Visitors can chose to walk forward, backward or sideways through an exhibitor’s space. WebWalk also provides the exhibitors with the ability to place content within each WebWalk for marketing purposes. For example, exhibitors can layer in advertisements, high-definition photographs, or attachments.

"The stars of any auto show are the cars and exhibits, and by utilizing new technologies like the WebWalk, the Chicago Auto Show can reach a larger audience and bring more value to its exhibitors," said John Phelan, the 2010 Chicago Auto Show chairman. "We’re very proud to be pioneering this technology and excited to be presenting a virtual walk through our show at"

On the surface WebWalk is a revolutionary technology tool. However, on the backend, WebWalk is a strategic business tool. WebWalk captures important user data and behavior trends that business can use to make go-to-market decisions. Companies are constantly looking to capture unique user data and provision key messages to users. WebWalk does both in an unobtrusive manner.

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