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Table set for 2010 Chicago Auto Show

November 10, 2010
With optimism observed at the recent auto shows in Los Angeles and Detroit, there’s every reason to think the positive vibe will continue in Chicago, when the nation’s largest auto show opens its doors Feb. 12 for a 10-day run.

The automotive industry is in flux, but it also is in a perpetual state of looking forward and bringing new products, new technology and new vision to consumers who buy new cars and trucks.

"Whether it’s cars, tech or fashion, the public has an ongoing desire to see ‘what’s new,’ " said John Phelan, chairman of the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. "Here, they’ll be able to see all three of those elements merged into one.

"We have to remember, though, that vehicles that were introduced in other places over the past few months may already have been seen by the media, but not the general consumer. For the show-going consumer, everything is new."

Phelan added: "I’d suggest that an auto show’s real success is measured by how it helps to market brands and vehicles to customers, how it motivates them to leave pumped up to visit a dealership, and how it rekindles the American love affair with the car.

"If we do that, then our show is an unqualified success. And that’s precisely what we’re aiming to do."