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Support CATPAC; it supports you

November 24, 2010
Lobbyists for the Chicago Automobile Trade Association are busy at the state capital, advancing the association's interests before the Illinois General Assembly. (See the March 4 edition of this newsletter for details of bills currently under debate.) All area dealers benefit when pro-dealer legislation is enacted. Please contribute to CATPAC, the association's political action committee. Contributions may be made using a company check payable to CATPAC. Th CATA has identified lawmakers who are sympathetic to the association's interests. Money donated to CATPAC is contributed to state and local politicians in Illinois who can guide new legislation that is favorable to the dealers the CATA represents. CATA dealers are encouraged to help shape the political agenda of CATPAC. Dealers who believe legislative efforts can help them with an issue should call the CATA's Erik Higgins at 630-495-2282.