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Sunday car sales bills get 3 backers

March 27, 2015
Democratic state senators from Chicago last week joined as co-sponsors of two of three bills introduced in February that would lift the ban on vehicle sales on Sundays in Illinois.
Senate Bill 1780, the most far-reaching of three bills, would lift Illinois’s blue law that prohibits new- and used-vehicle sales on Sundays. Another, SB 1835, would allow for the sale of motor vehicles by licensed dealers for not more than two hours on Sundays. And SB 1706 would permit Sunday sales of motor vehicles if the licensed dealer is a person who observes religious worship on a day other than Sunday.
Sens. Heather Steans and Kwame Raoul are co-sponsors of SBs 1780 and 1706; Sen. Patricia Van Pelt on March 25 became a co-sponsor of SB 1780. Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) introduced all three measures. 
The CATA has advised its members to be prepared to contact senators when, and if, the bills get a committee hearing.
The bills all moved March 11 to the Senate Transportation Committee. Obwerweis also introduced legislation last year to open dealerships on Sundays, but that effort faltered in the 21-member Transportation Committee, which is led by Sen. Martin Sandoval, D-Cicero.
Oberweis contends that consumers would appreciate being able to buy a car on Sunday. But 84 percent of new-car purchases involve financing which has to be arranged through lenders that are closed Sundays.
CATA President Dave Sloan said he hasn’t heard from any consumers clamoring to buy a car on Sundays.
"In a state where there are plenty of things that are broken and need to be fixed," said Sloan, "this law isn’t one of them. We urge Sen. Oberweis to spend time on issues that matter to Illinois taxpayers."