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Study looks at research habits of women buyers, emotional impact of purchase process

October 28, 2011
Social media and blogs are playing a growing role in the decision-making process for automobile purchases, media network publisher for women BlogHer Inc. determined when researching how women feel and where they turn for advice when buying a car.
The study, titled “Put Her in the Driver’s Seat,” said women who rely on traditional media and industry information sources have a less positive experience in the process.
The top five information sources for women were dealership visits (65 percent), word of mouth (56 percent), car review websites (53 percent) auto manufacturer websites (43 percent), and blogs (31 percent).
Auto magazines tallied 21 percent and TV advertising notched just 16 percent.
Besides studying where women look for vehicle research, the study also explored how women feel when they buy a car and how things like social media and blogs affect their emotions. Women, the study found, were both more excited (74 percent) and more nervous (53 percent) about their car purchase than men.
“Women clearly articulated the features they need to see and the voices they want to hear when considering a car purchase,” said Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and chief executive of BlogHer.
“We see a huge opportunity for auto manufacturers and dealers to indeed put her in the driver’s seat and let her buying preferences reshape how the automotive community reaches the powerful women’s market.”
The study involved 1,090 women and 377 men across the United States in August. Respondents came from the general population in seven markets and from BlogHer network users.