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STAR technology update for dealers

November 22, 2010

Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail, or STAR, a global Information Technology standards body for the retail automotive industry, on July 21 released a new version of its publication that describes the types of IT equipment and services needed for franchised auto dealers to conduct day-to-day business with auto manufacturers and other business partners. 

The publication, "Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines," includes new guidelines for dealers who use portable, wireless computers in their dealerships’ showrooms or service areas.


The document emphasizes the need to implement adequate security measures to protect the dealer’s business information and computer equipment. 

"Just as blueprints guide dealers when they remodel their dealerships, the DIG provides guidance as dealers add wireless computers and other IT equipment in their dealership," said dealer Tom Arden of Downs Ford in Toms River, N.J.


"Dealers want to use technology to improve their business. They need to understand the business aspects of computer technology, not the technical details. The DIG provides executive summaries for dealers and IT details for the dealers’ technology vendors," said Eric Purdum, STAR standards chairman.  

STAR’s initiatives provide the opportunity to improve the daily business activities of dealers, retail systems providers, and manufacturers, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, timely access to business information, and reduced operating costs. 


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