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SOS appeals to dealers to help replace defective license plates

November 10, 2010

Dealerships have been asked to help the Illinois Secretary of State’s office rid the roads of state license plates that have rusted or are otherwise illegible.

Ernie Dannenberger, director of the office’s vehicle services department, said the plates will be replaced at no cost to the vehicle owner, under a warranty by the plate manufacturer.

"When transferring a plate for a customer, please verify the plate shows no sign of rust," Dannenberger said. "If it does, please tell the customer to go to and complete the customer information online, or to call (217) 785-3000.

"Your assistance will provide an additional service to the customer as well as this office."

The secretary of state has for the last several years tried to replace license plates that have a manufacturer’s defect which causes them to rust, losereflectiveness, or otherwise wear prematurely.