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Some dealership workers exempt in new OT rules

May 20, 2016
Under the U.S. Labor Department’s final rule on overtime pay exemptions, issued May 18, the exemption to overtime pay for any "salesman, partsman, or mechanic primarily engaged in selling or servicing automobiles [or] trucks …" will continue in force. The changes, which take effect Dec. 1, does impact office workers.
The exemption had also been extended to cover service writers, but there is a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court that will decide whether that exemption continues. A decision in the case is expected in late June.
Remember that minimum wage requirements remain in force for all employees; the exemption applies only to overtime pay.
Attorneys for Franczek Radelet, the CATA’s labor relations counsel, will host a one-hour webinar at 12 p.m. May 23 to provide an overview of the new overtime rule for white collar employees. To join the webinar, click here.