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Sierra Club radio advertisement puts Bill Ford in the cross hairs

November 24, 2010

Here's a real "man bites dog" story. The usual buzz: media outlets rejecting issue advertisements from conservative groups as being too opinionated. But local Detroit radio stations are refusing to run an ad from the arch-liberal environmental organization, the Sierra Club, because it singles out Ford Chief Executive Bill Ford for special attention.

The ad, which the Sierra Club had hoped to begin airing in Detroit on June 12, urges Ford "to do his part and  to produce more fuel-efficient cars, SUVs and pickup trucks." At least one local radio station executive declined to broadcast the ad because he said it came across as a personal attack. The radio ad is part of a new three-year ad campaign launched by the Sierra Club with television commercials in Detroit and Washington and the "Bill Ford" radio ad in Washington.

Only the radio ad mentions Bill Ford by name. The campaign urges Detroit automakers to help "break the grip" of foreign oil on the United States by putting existing fuel-saving equipment on more cars and trucks.