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Scam alert, part deux

November 22, 2010

Area dealers continue to report dubious invoices from Market Media for undocumented advertising and Web services.


Calls from the CATA to the company’s Plattsburgh, N.Y., address remain unanswered, and the Better Business Bureau in upstate New York has filed an unsatisfactory report against the company due to a pattern of complaints and because the company does not respond to the claims.


Most of the company’s invoices to area dealers are for $489.95, but some demand up to $988. 


The BBB states that knowledge and vigilance is the best protection against phony invoices, and the bureau recommends the following practices:


  • Alert the accounting department or bill payers to watch for disguised solicitations and to carefully review any invoices from companies or organizations with which the dealership does not normally do business.
  • Establish effective internal controls for the payment of invoices.
  • Verify all invoices with the person who gave written or oral authorization.
  • Clear all invoices with the appropriate financial staff.


Con artists mail thousands of phony invoices, and solicitations disguised as invoices, on a regular basis, preying on businesses for billions of dollars annually.


For information about unknown companies, dealers can call the Chicago BBB at 312-832-0500.