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Scam alert

November 23, 2010

The investment proposals by Africans with broken English have taken to the Internet, with a new round of enticements via e-mail for dealers to reap millions from a Nigerian bank account. Apparently, a Turk who held an account with $38.6 million at the bank died four years ago, and no relatives have come forward to claim the money.

The bank manager, Frank Obi, offers to name any respondent to his e-mail as a nextof- kin and complete any necessary paperwork to empty the account. The respondent would get 25 percent of the proceeds for the effort, and Obi would take 65 percent, plus another 10 percent for expenses. The Federal Trade Commission requests that anyone who received the e-mail, with subject line "immediate assistance," forward the e-mail to the FTC's SPAM database at