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Scam alert

November 22, 2010
An apparent scam artist contacted an area Nissan dealership numerous times using technology employed by the deaf, which can shield the caller's location.

The caller wanted to pay $2,500 toward a Murano using a credit card, but wanted the dealership to send $1,500 of that to a freight forwarder in California, where the caller's son reportedly lives. The caller identified his own address as that of another area Nissan dealer, and the son's address turned out to be that of a California Nissan dealership.

The caller relied on a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), an instrument for text communication via a telephone line that is used when one or more of the parties has hearing or speech difficulties.

The credit card the caller wanted to use, plus its security code number, both were valid, but for someone other than who the caller claimed to be. The dealership helped arrange for the card account to be closed.