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Scam alert

November 22, 2010
A recurring invoice-resembling come-on is making the rounds from a company named DSL. The "statement" vaguely describes what is delivered for $149.90, but more information cannot be gleaned from the lone telephone number on the page, a number that is not in service. DSL, sporting a post office box in Irving, Texas, even threatens lates fees on past-due accounts. The come-on serves as a reminder that dealers should avoid payment until they can confirm any goods or services were ordered and delivered. • The investment proposals by Africans with broken English have taken to the Internet, with a new round of enticements via e-mail for dealers to reap millions from an Angolan seeking political asylum. Alex Bamako and his brother, upon reaching the Netherlands, have been unable to tap the $25 million their father deposited in a bank in Angola. Anyone who opens a non-resident bank account in Amsterdam to transfer their father's funds could reap 25 percent of the total. The risk-free matter, Bamako said, must remain confidential. The Federal Trade Commission requests that anyone who receives such proposals to forward the e-mail to the FTC's SPAM database at