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Revised odometer forms available to members

November 24, 2010

The Odometer Disclosure Statement provided free to dealers by the CATA has been modified slightly in response to a member's recent encounter with the Illinois secretary of state's office. The revision furnishes one additional line for a co-buyer to print and sign his name.

A west suburban dealership indicated that the secretary of state's vehicle services department would not complete a title and registration application without the written signature and printed name of the buyer's spouse. The odometer statement previously purchased by the CATA does not contain a line for co-buyers. A small supply of the original form remains in stock and will be dispensed by the CATA until it is exhausted. The form revision is another example of how the CATA responds to the needs of its members. T

he association offers several forms free to its dealer members. In addition to the Odometer Disclosure Statement, the CATA offers:

• Used-Car Buyer's Guide, a form required to be displayed on all used vehicles for sale. 
• Used-Car Limited Warranty Statement. 
• Emission Control Equipment Statement.

The CATA also has secured a small quantity of the various labor posters required to be displayed by the federal and Illinois and Indiana state governments.When supplies are exhausted, they must be obtained by the appropriate agencies. Call the CATA to order the supplies.