Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Unemployment Claims

Sedgwick CMS, which has been serving CATA dealers under various names since 1979, monitors any unemployment claims against its clients. The company counts about 200 CATA dealers among its clients.

Claims that can be protested and subsequently denied help minimize an employer's unemployment tax rate. The rate can vary between 0.625% and 6.4% of each employee's first $12,740 in earnings. The 2020 average unemployment rate among Illinois employers is 3125%, or about $398 annually ($411.50 in 2019). The rate has inched down each year from 2007, as the Illinois economy continues to do well.

For new enrollees, client fees amount to $2.85 per employee, per fiscal quarter. For the fee, Sedgwick monitors all unemployment claims, files any appeals, represents the client at any hearings, verifies the benefit charge statements and confirms the client's unemployment tax rate.

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