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Reminder: Truncate credit card information on customer receipts

March 4, 2011
A growing number of class action lawsuits, including one against a local dealer, have been filed by customers who were provided credit and debit card receipts that do not properly truncate credit card information on the receipts.
According to the federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, the electronically printed receipts must have shortened, or truncated, account information so that not more than the last five digits of the card are displayed. Also, the expiration date must be omitted.
Most electronic card machines have been modified for the account number change, but too many still display the card’s expiration date.
Important, the requirements apply only to electronically printed receipts, not to handwritten or imprinted receipts; and to receipts given to the customer at the point of sale, not to receipts retained by the dealer. The law allows for harmed customers to seek damages and attorneys fees. Also, noncompliance could result in FTC enforcement action that includes assessing monetary penalties against a retailer.