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Regulators need better tools to prevent car cyberattacks: privacy advocates

June 30, 2017
U.S. regulators should do more to ensure that data transmitted among vehicles to prevent crashes on the road can’t be stolen and used against drivers, privacy advocates cautioned at a federal forum on June 28. 
The forum on vehicle privacy and cyber-security was hosted by Federal Trade Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The major stakeholders, including regulators, automakers, software companies, and consumer groups expressed hope that coming technologies will save lives on the highways. At the same time, the emerging technology presents unprecedented challenges for automakers to protect against hacking and ensure that customer data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. 
[C]ar dealers are hearing concerns about car data collection and privacy, said Andrew Koblenz, executive vice president of legal and regulatory affairs at the National Automobile Dealers Association. Event-data recorders and what happens to personal data from phones that are synced with infotainment systems are among the most common questions asked of dealers, he said. The NADA felt compelled to publish a brochure to answer such common privacy questions.