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Refrigerant contamination found

March 15, 2013
Motor vehicle A/C refrigerant contamination has become a heightened concern with the recent discovery in the U.S. of R-134a contaminated with R-40. Unlike CFC-12 or R-134a, R-40 can pose a risk to technicians, shops and equipment.
To avoid cross contamination, it is recommended that techs identify the refrigerant in a vehicle before evacuating it into a recycler. Note too that R-134a offered for sale well below its current market price may not be R-134a.
For further information on the R-40 contamination issue, see​rant-has-been-found-in-contaminated-r-134a-cylinders-in-the-u-s. For general information on motor vehicle A/C refrigerants, see an NADA publication, “A Dealer Guide to the EPA Mobile Air Conditioning Coolant Recycling Regulation,” which is at
For more on the matter from the Environmental Protection Agency, go to Questions also can be directed to NADA Regulatory Affairs at (703) 821-7040 or