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Q & A with CATAlyst, instructors of CATA Learning University

November 17, 2010
Q: What is the best way I can teach my sales consultants to take control of their customers sooner?  


A: "Control" is an illusion. Customers today can’t be forced to do anything! They are better informed and more empowered than ever. So how do we get control? First, we need to give all control to the customer. You see, in order for me to give control to the customer, I have to have it. The way to gain control is to give it up.


Control is a precious gift from the customer, a gift we can only receive once trust is earned. Trust can only be earned by providing an experience that bridges the gap between the customer’s perception of us as "car sales people" and the reality that most of us are educated professionals who truly operate with the customer’s interests at heart.  

This is only accomplished by building a relationship that starts with the hand shake and continues through the entire sales process. Like in the needs identification process, it is important to ask the types of questions that elicit responses that are long in words.


My goal should be to empower the customer and build a relationship based on common ground and a solid rapport. When I accomplish that, the customer thinks he is in control, and that’s a good thing. However, who really is in control? I am.  

I told a sales manager that CATA Learning University includes a course named Emerging Sales Consultant. The course helps sales consultants learn this process and many other skills to help them build gross profit into each and every deal as well as increase the closing ratio.


This is not a "green pea" class; this is a class for any sales consultant who wants to rise to a level of professional performance that will provide excellent earning opportunities equal to one’s skill level.  

The sales manager attended our last class and now has 10 of his 25 sales consultants enrolled in the course’s next session, Nov. 5, 6 and 27. The course is notable for its design to meet twice initially, then again a couple weeks later. The reunion gives the salespeople a roundtable chance to discuss real-world experiences they encountered in the ensuing period compared to the first two days.


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