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CATA Bulletin
May 22, 2006


2 Packey Webb Ford salesmen help save 6 in house fire near store

November 18, 2010

Two salesmen who saw heavy, dark smoke emanating from a house across from their Wheaton dealership ran to the house in time to help rescue one adult and five children.


The actions of Packey Webb Ford employees Steve Castillo and Eric Bassett "made the difference between the occupants escaping and tragic results," said Wheaton Fire Department Battalion Chief William Schultz.


Castillo had firefighter training, so when the pair arrived at the house at 1907 E. Roosevelt Rd. about 2:30 p.m. May 6 and no one answered, they broke in. Another employee called 911.


Inside, the smoke was thick and black. The residents were crawling on the floor, trying to escape, but couldn’t find the door. It took several trips to locate all the family members and evacuate them.


Paramedics treated and released everyone involved at the scene, according to fire department records.


An unattended candle in the basement was the fire’s apparent cause. Schultz said the incident should be a reminder to have functioning smoke detectors.


May 29 holiday benefits for non-union workers in line with union employees

November 18, 2010

Dealers treat the Memorial Day holiday variously, with some operating all day, some part of the day, and some not at all. But dealers must remember their unionized employees’ rights related to holiday pay.


As a general matter, the vast majority of area dealers recognize the same holidays and adhere to highly similar terms regarding holiday compensation. Holiday pay procedures largely depend on the policies and/or practices in place at individual dealerships. 

At unionized dealerships, some specific rules and restrictions are imposed on union workers. In all cases, unionized employees must work on their regularly scheduled days both immediately before and after a holiday to qualify for holiday pay, unless the employee is off-work or on an employer-approved vacation or leave.


All unions with a presence at CATA dealerships—IAM Local 701, Teamsters Local 731, Teamsters Local 179, and IAM District Lodge Nos. 377 and 1749—share similar holiday rules. Those union contracts all recognize May 29 as a holiday. 

Holiday pay for probationary employees varies among the unions. Employers should consult their union agreements to confirm employee eligibility.


Also, dealers may agree with members of IAM Local 701—technicians, apprentices, semi-skilled employees and lube rack technicians—to substitute May 29 for a different day off during the year.


Summarized, the holiday pay for unionized employees is:


IAM Local No. 701

Pay equal to one day’s regular pay at hourly (not booked) rate.


Teamsters Local No. 731

Pay equal to one regular day.


Mechanics Local No. 1749

Pay equal to 8 hours pay at hourly minimum rate or flat minimum rate.


Teamsters Local No. 179

Pay equal to 8 hours at minimum hourly rate.


Machinists Local No. 377

Pay equal to 8 hours at straight-time hourly minimum rate. Employees who work 10-hour days receive 10-hours pay at that rate, unless the holiday is the employee’s normally scheduled day off, in which case 8 hours of pay at the straight-time minimum rate is due.


Dealers with union questions should call the CATA labor relations counsel, Franczek Sullivan, at 312-986-0300.