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CATA Bulletin
December 6, 2004


Chrysler display at Chicago Auto Show going mobile

November 23, 2010


When the Chicago Auto Show debuted in 1901 at the Colesium, at 15th Street and Wabash Avenue, the show included an oval track for exhibitors to demonstrate the mobility of the new horseless carriages. Mobility returns in a big way in 2005, when the DaimlerChrysler display will feature a 2,200 feet long track on the show floor to highlight the strength and performance of Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. "We're very excited to add this new component to the show," said 2005 Chicago Auto Show Chairman Casey Wickstrom. "This, coupled with the larger show floor, widens the distance between us and all other auto shows in North America." Chicago Auto Show officials announced plans last February to expand the show floor 43 percent, to 1.2 million square feet. The show will span the McCormick Place North and South facilities, making it the largest auto show on one floor in the world. Show attendees will be able to ride as passengers of professional drivers who will put the vehicles through the paces. Truckloads of dirt will be placed in the Jeep area, where the four-wheel drive units will conquer hills and ponds. Chrysler's portion of the track will demonstrate handling abilities and the vehicles' interior designs that can overcome exterior noise. Dodge trucks will show off their strength, capability and toughness, as they haul various construction materials in their flatbeds. Chrysler debuted a similar test track in April at the New York Auto Show, but it was confined to the Jeep segment. "A display like this is precisely why we expanded the show," Wickstrom said. "Once again, Daimler- Chrysler saw the opportunity to stretch its creative legs and seized the opportunity to bring something spectacular to the public, who buy its products." Wickstrom said: "The vast size of McCormickPlace and the expertise of its dedicated labor force will combine to bring this incredible display to life in just one week. Chicago's ability to stage such an area indoors will raise the bar for all auto shows. But only in Chicago can an exhibitor increase his display by 100,000 square feet in one year. "And having 1.2 million contiguous square feet of show floor is unmatched anywhere on the continent. DaimlerChrysler's plan isbold and exciting. We congratulate them for their vision."



Roberts named to CATA board

November 23, 2010

Desmond Roberts, president of Advantage Chevrolet in Hodgkins, has been appointed to the CATA board of directors for the remainder of a term that expires in June 2006. He can seek re-election then. The vacancy to the 18-member board came after the resignation of Dan Martino, who had served since 1997. Roberts, who was born in British West Indies and educated in New York City, has been in the auto industry since 1986. He is the first black to serve on the CATA board. His board assignments include the Employee Relations, Auto Show and Secretary of State Liaison Committees. Roberts also is vice president of the General Motors Minority Dealer Association and a board member of the Make a Difference Youth Foundation.

Auto Outlook now offers monthly data dissection

November 23, 2010

A new monthly supplement to the quarterly Chicago Auto Outlook is included with this newsletter. Chicago Auto Outlook examines market conditions and trends for area sales of new vehicles. The new supplement gets some of that data to dealers faster. Articles present new vehicle registrations based on numbers supplied by the Detroitbased data services organization, The Polk Co., then add meat to the bone by analyzing issues and trends. Reader reaction to Chicago Auto Outlook is desired. Contact the CATA's Erik Higgins at (630) 495-2282.

2005 DOC fee

November 23, 2010

The maximum permissible Illinois documentary service fee for 2005 will be announced about Dec. 13. The fee is tied to the Consumer Price Index for a 12- month period ending Nov. 30 and is calculated by the U.S. Labor Department. All CATA members will be alerted about the new fee, which cannot be assessed before Jan. 1.

Scam alert

November 23, 2010

In a transaction begun over the Internet, a Netherlands man issued a counterfeit check drawn from a Canada bank for two used vehicles at an area dealership. The cars were not delivered, but the dealer lost $1,500 on the currency exchange. The dealer's bank advised that overseas checks should not be deposited, but rather given to banks "for collection only."