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Chicago Auto Outlook

ChicagoAutoOutlookChicago Auto Outlook is a monthly synopsis of new- and used-vehicle market trends and indicators, specially prepared for CATA members. The information gives a statistical comparison of sales in the Chicago area and a comparison to sales across the country. "Outlook" is published by Auto Outlook, Inc., in Malvern, Pa., and commissioned by the CATA.

The figures presented in Chicago Auto Outlook show new and used retail light vehicle registrations in the eight county Chicagoland Area. Data measures vehicles registered to retail customers residing in the area and is based on the location where the vehicle is garaged, not point of sale. Transactions are tabulated based on the month when the vehicle is registered, which may be different from the date of sale. In addition, registration data can occasionally be subject to processing delays by governmental agencies which can result in over or under estimation of actual results. For this reason, the year-to-date figures will typically be more reflective of actual results.

Current Edition - Mar. 2022