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Pickups on Lake Shore Drive bill stalled

November 23, 2010
An amendment to state legislation that would permit pickup trucks on Chicago's network of boulevards, including Lake Shore Drive, so severely altered the measure that its original intent has vanished. Rep. Kevin Joyce (D-Worth), who sits on the House Transportation & Motor Vehicles Committee, introduced House Bill 3527 in February, thenamended the measure in March. On April 4, Joyce essentially mothballed the bill by assigning it to the House Rules Committee. The bill originally intended to allow pickups, vans and recreational vehicles that weigh up to 8,000 pounds to be registered as first division vehicles and display passenger vehicle license plates. Chicago currently bans B-plated vehicles from operating on Lake Shore Drive and boulevards. In its present state, HB 3527 concentrates on license plates for persons with disabilities. Chicago and CATA officials will meet to discuss sticking points in the bill's earlier draft and try to revive the bill's original focus.