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OSHA visits to area dealerships on the rise

September 21, 2018
Occupational Safety and Health Administration agents from the Des Plaines office have performed comprehensive inspections at more than 20 area new-car dealerships in less than 90 days, CATA allied member ComplyNet reported Sept. 14.
"This signifies a major uptick in car dealership inspections and the most we have seen since 2015," said ComplyNet Founder Phil Troy. "We do not know the reason for the uptick, but we do know that most of these inspections are random, which means OSHA provides no notice before showing up at your door."
Other visits followed referrals from emergency responders in the wake of accidents at the dealerships.
During either the random or scheduled inspections, Troy said the OSHA inspectors spent considerable time reviewing required training records, required OSHA written plans and programs, and required OSHA Forms 300 & 300a. After looking through all the required documentation, inspectors then performed physical inspections of each department. 
Historically, Troy said most OSHA inspections in the Midwest follow employee complaints, although "we’re seeing a strategic focus in some quarters on the new-car dealer." Unlike responses to complaints, OSHA does not give advance notice of random visits.