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Only 1/3 of dealership Web visits are for shopping: AutoTrader

April 12, 2013
After reviewing nearly 3 million visits to 3,000 dealer websites recently, AutoTrader found that only 32 percent of the visitors are interested in shopping for a vehicle.
One in three wants to find contact information, look up a service special, make a maintenance appointment, or do something that has nothing to do with vehicle shopping. AutoTrader can tag the visitors anonymously on the 3,000 sites and watch where they go.
So how to use this factoid? AutoTrader CEO Chip Perry suggests that dealers consider emphasizing parts and service more prominently on their sites. Typically, service is just one of nine pull-down tabs at the top of the dealer’s Web page. Clearly, lots of people are looking for service information or specials.
The finding really should be no surprise. Traditionally, about one in three phones calls to a dealership is for service. Why wouldn’t that be similar for Web visits?