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Odometer provision in Senate highway bill

March 16, 2012
Odometer disclosures could be made electronically, according to language in a two-year highway bill that passed the U.S. Senate 74-22 on March 14.
Included in the comprehensive bill was language (Sec. 31206) that directs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue regulations to prescribe procedures to allow odometer disclosures to be made electronically.
The National Automobile Dealers Assocation strongly supported the provision because many states want to create an electronic vehicle titling system. But according to the NHTSA, current law requires a “paper trail” for odometer disclosures. The NADA also worked to keep out of the bill provisions that would have required disclosing the VINs of vehicles advertised on the radio and mandating odometer statements for vehicles up to 24 years old.