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Oberweis trying again to open dealerships for Sunday car sales

February 24, 2017
For the fourth time since he became an Illinois state senator in 2013, Jim Oberweis is attempting to open Illinois new-car dealership on Sundays.
The latest legislation, Senate Bill 2037, would permit a licensed dealer to operate any six days of the week of his choosing. Oberweis, R-Sugar Grove, introduced the legislation Feb. 10 to change the Illinois Vehicle Code.
But the road ahead for SB 2037 looks bumpy. None of the previous bills Oberweis crafted to permit Sunday operations have been voted upon; they received subject matter hearings only.
The Illinois blue law, which took effect in 1984, prohibits new- and used-vehicle sales on Sundays, and few dealers support changing the law. Instead, they favor giving employees that day off, especially since banks are not able to finance vehicles on Sundays.
Lifting the ban on Sunday sales also would increase dealership costs without increasing sales, which could lead to higher prices for consumers.
"Our dealers like the current law," said John Hennessy, chairman of the CTA. "Every state around Illinois is closed Sundays for car sales. Salespeople really like (to have) that day off."
Hennessy added that some customers enjoy roaming dealer lots on Sundays at their leisure, without employees present.