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NHTSA floats electronic odometer proposal

April 8, 2016
States would be permitted to adopt federal electronic odometer disclosure statements, under a proposal by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The March 25 proposal sets specific minimum requirements states must meet for electronic disclosures, while providing some flexibility. Executives of automobile trade associations are examining the proposal in conjunction with the agency in their state that is responsible for administering the Truth-in-Mileage Act, the federal odometer law. 
The National Automobile Dealers Association’s regulatory affairs committee will file comments by the May 24, 2016, deadline, and the state dealer association executives might file their own comments with NHTSA. 
In addition to addressing the various disclosures required by the TIMA, including those for leased vehicles and those involving secure powers-of-attorney, the proposal asks whether the disclosure exemption for older vehicle transactions should be raised from "more than 10 years old" to "more than 25 years old" or if it should be eliminated altogether. 
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