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NHTSA adjusts tire-info rule

November 17, 2010

Dealers who replace tires on a new vehicle before it is sold must affix new labels, if the new tires have a size or cold inflation pressure different from the original, following National Highway Traffic Safety Administration action this month.

A revised TREAD Act Tire Label also must be affixed on the pillar behind or on the driver’s door if a dealer adds parts of accessories to a vehicle before its first sale, if those add-ons exceed the lesser of 100 pounds or 1.5 percent of the vehicle’s weight.

Any reasonable means can be used to determine the accurate weight of any add-on, including scales or references to a part’s shipping weight.

Re-labeling is not required when changes reduce a new vehicle’s weight or when any changes involve used vehicles. These last three clarifications significantly reduce the re-labeling burden dealerships would otherwise have faced under the NHTSA’s 2005 rule.

Dealers can re-label in one of three ways:

  1. Place a new label with new information on top of the existing label.
  2. Modify the existing label with the new tire or weight information.
  3. For weight changes only, place a supplementary label (see below) adjacent to the original tire label.

Replacement placards pictured in the print edition of this newsletter are available from OEMs, form companies, aftermarket parts and equipment suppliers and through the National Truck and Equipment Association and the Specialty Equipment Market Association.