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Next CATA fixed ops Bootcamp April 23-26

November 17, 2010

Registration is underway for the next four-day Bootcamp for service directors and managers, April 23-26 at the CATA. Call Jim Butcher at 630-424-6020 to register.


The new training, begun by the CATA in 2006 for fixed ops personnel, has been widely praised by those who enrolled in the Bootcamp and subsequent 3-year 20 Groups.


The Bootcamp lead instructor is Lloyd Schiller, who formed Dealer Service Corporation. DSC now is a company of NCM Associates, which founded NADA 20 Groups and which conducts the CATA 20 Groups.


Schiller said Bootcamp attendees have reported net profit increases up to $20,000 a month after the training, and their CSI scores increased to top factory award status. Technician efficiency also jumped up to 50 percent.


Enrollment through other dealer associations typically costs $2,800 for the Bootcamp plus $250 a month over the three-year 20 Group. Special CATA prices are $1,000 for the Bootcamp and $160 a month for 20 Group tuition.


In addition, for service directors and managers who complete the 20 Groups, the CATA will rebate to their dealers 50 percent of the first year’s tuition, 75 percent of the second year’s tuition, and 100 percent of the final year’s tuition.


A traditional 20 Group agenda includes comparing dealership financial statements with similar-sized, same-make dealerships from different markets. TheCATA’s 20 Groups deliberately include representatives from various makes.

Important, attendees do not share their financial information with counterparts, but instead compare that data against manufacturer-specific averages and benchmarks.

The 20 Groups operate autonomously and create their own bylaws and discussion topics, and even have chat rooms on an NCM Web site.