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Next AFIP tests are June 6, 7 at CATA

November 18, 2010

The next round of one-day AFIP-certification tests at the CATA are June 6 and 7. Self-study materials are issued upon registration, so earlier registrants will have the most time to study. 

To register, call the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals at 817-428-2434. Tuition is $500, but CATA dealers get reimbursed 50 percent upon an employee’s successful completion of the course. That offer exists for all CATA Learning University coursework.


Certification by the AFIP implies a technical competence and ethical conduct, and is considered "the MBA of the F&I profession." 

The AFIP certification course is a college-level review and instruction on the federal and state regulations that govern the F&I process. Staffers who are AFIP-certified can generate dealership profit and dramatically reduce the chance of legal action in today’s litigious environment; they are bound to a code of conduct that holds them accountable for their actions.


"F&I is one of those unique occupations where stupidity will get you into as much trouble as dishonesty," said AFIP Executive Director David Robertson. "Knowledge of the rules is essential." 

The process of applying to each deal the various customer conversion techniques and an in-depth knowledge of the products is the ultimate determinant of whether all the requisites of a successful F&I transaction have been satisfied, said Robertson.


On June 6 and 7, the morning will consist of a review of the test material, followed by tests in the afternoon. The test poses 150 questions that must be answered in 200 minutes.