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Newsletter ends print edition, goes digital

November 16, 2010

Consider yourself—those of you with the real thing—to be holding a collector’s item of sorts: the final print edition of the CATA Bulletin. Beginning Jan. 11, the publication’s contents will be available by computer only.

Visitors to the CATA’s Web site,, can review current and past issues of the newsletter. New editions also are disseminated using the association’s targeted blast e-mail campaign.

Those who want to receive the CATA Bulletin via e-mail must send their e-mail address to the newsletter editor at

The blast e-mail campaign has been operating for several years, so those who already receive the e-mails need not notify the editor. All e-mail addresses collected by the CATA are held in strict confidence, and the campaign includes opt-out options for those who want to stop receiving the newsletter.

Printing and first-class mail costs played a role in the decision to drop the newsletter’s print version, at a time when all businesses are reviewing expenses.

Any informational fliers that historically have been inserted into this newsletter will be part of the e-mail campaign, but not necessarily on the Web site. So being part of the e-mail distribution ensures receipt of everything, going forward.

Paper cuts, I cast thee out.