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Jul 09, 2021 04:04 AM
Cook County's use tax amounts to 1% of the transactional amount of goods purchased at retail and titled or registered at address within the county.
Jul 09, 2021 04:03 AM
The office on July 8 lifted its weeklong hold on paperwork submitted more than 18 days a vehicle’s sale.​
Jul 09, 2021 04:02 AM
In nine years, CATA dealerships have raised more than $950,000 for the USO of Illinois.
Jul 09, 2021 04:01 AM
There are some notable advantages for manufacturers to sell directly to consumers, but there are even bigger drawbacks.
Jul 09, 2021 04:00 AM
Just a few years ago, obituaries were being written for vehicles.
Jun 25, 2021 04:06 AM
With the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, many consumers are traveling far and wide to get the car they desire.
Jun 25, 2021 04:05 AM
The 2021 show includes two indoor tracks, to more outdoors, and outdoor ride-and-drives by nine and maybe 10 brands.
Jun 25, 2021 04:04 AM
Dealers understandably may be "too" welcoming to their lots because, after all, they're trying to sell cars.
Jun 25, 2021 04:02 AM
But one U.S. senator said autonomous vehicles could help eliminate numerous deaths due to human error.​
Jun 25, 2021 04:01 AM
The electric-truck startup said the vehicle-purchase agreements it has with fleet-management companies don't represent binding purchase orders.
Results: 3755 Article(s) Found.