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The presentation examines member-owned captives as a way to add stability to a dealership's insurance program and to its bottom line.
A review of issues seen lately by the BBB while monitoring dealer advertising for compliance with state regulations.
Get real life examples of reducing costs with blueprints to replicate successes.
Featuring vAuto Founder Dale Pollak, social media marketing seminar and CATA/USO BBQ Marketing Material pickup.
The annual CATA golf outing is June 12 at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont.
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
@ the Chicago Auto Show
Understand the exposure to your dealership and how to insure against that exposure.
The free webinar reviews what is required and when.
The Gillrie Institute leads a free 60-minute webinar to review new technology used in the Service Department.​
USO BBQ for the Troops Dealer Materials
The Growing Importance of Mobile Marketing / USO BBQ for the Troops Kickoff
Strategies to reduce a dealership's exposure to claims, control costs when one occurs.
Equip your dealership with the latest digital marketing, sales, and management strategies from the country's top dealership executives, trainers, and consultants right here in your backyard June 6-7.
The annual CATA golf outing is June 14 at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont.
Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy will offer strategies that dealers can follow when employees are present, and representatives of United Security Services will review the range of technology that can monitor a facility during overnight hours. To register for this free presentation, send name(s) of attendees to
A review of the current cyber threat landscape and how to avoid a breach.
Reps from Telemundo Chicago examine the group that comprises 21.8 percent of the local market.
All dealerships want to drive additional profitability to their stores, but many are missing how the people side of their business could help them add to the bottom line. Tune in to this brief but impactful 20-minute webinar.
2017 Chicago Auto Show
Feb. 11-20
McCormick Place, Chicago IL
Seminar reviews how to address issues in the dealership workplace, with HR perspective, legal responsibilities, more.
The annual CATA golf outing is June 14 at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont.
Attend a seminar on hiring/retention practices or, for Dealers only, a BBQ Boot Camp in preparation for the USO BBQ for the Troops Event in July.
Annual CATA dealer fundraiser for USO of Illinois
Sharpen your skills to identify, hire, and retain the best workforce to compete in 2016 ... and 2026.​
Join in a review of steps a business can take to reduce workers’ compensation insurance premiums.
What to do to keep safe from data breaches, and what steps to take if a cyber-attack occurs.
2016 Chicago Auto Show Feb. 13-22. McCormick Place, Chicago IL
A seminar highly recommended for anyone at the dealership who interacts with, or markets to, consumers.​
5 Keys to Avoiding Perils of Factory and Extended Warranty Audits
Labor Law Basics for Car Dealers... 4 Things You Need to Know
5 Things to Consider Before Changing Your DMS Provider
Thru the "Periscope"... New Look at Video Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealers
How to Get a Larger Share of the Soaring Certified Per-Owned Market
Aging Parts Inventory - Valued Assets or Worthless Artifacts
At a free presentation, learn how to avoid issues with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.​
Which Gov't Agencies are Targeting Auto Dealers... and How to Reduce Your Exposure
The Auto Controller WOW Factor... 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Create Quick Store-Wide Improvements
Service Menu Design & Profit Structuring...Art & Science
Text Marketing and Customer Communications for the Service Dept. Selling More and Staying Legal
Get special member pricing for the eight-hour workshop in Oak Brook, and learn to use the Internet to sell and service more vehicles.
Dealership IT Managers - 5 Top Sure-Fire Bottom Line Builders
General Managers - 5 Top Sure-Fire Bottom Line Builders
Dealers must work to influence the young consumers' decisions online -- where millennials spend the majority of their shopping time.
Spend about 45 minutes with this webinar to learn what you need to get your OSHA reporting compliant with the Jan. 1, 2015, rule change.
Sales Managers: 5 Surefire Quick Fixes for Immediate Profit Improvement
BDC Managers: 5 Top Sure-Fire Bottom Line Builders
Service Managers - 5 Top Sure-Fire Bottom Line Builders
Expense Control - How to Benefit with a "Sourcing Plan"
Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes for Auto Dealers
Dealership Buy/Sell Marketplace of the Near Future...
DMS Market Report for 2015… 5 Top Questions from Dealers Answered
Are your hiring skills rusty? The cost of a bad hire can be 2 to 3 times the annual salary.
Healthcare Plan Choices Under Obamacare
Forecasting for 2015 and Beyond: Your Guide for Creating Department Forecasts that Yield Big Results!​
Effective Recall Handling... Fulfill the Responsibilities Without Killing Service Profits
How to Financially Triage and Cure Poor Performance in Key Departments
Advanced Parts Storage Techniques...Get More Efficiency from Existing Space Without Costly Equipment Solutions
How to Reconcile & Explain Differences Between the Sales/CRM Gross and the Accounting Gross
Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Body Shop Manager
Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Parts Manager
Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Service Advisor
Effective Labor Rate Control and Management... The Art & The Science
Habits & Practices of Exceptional F&I Managers
Habits & Practices of Exceptional BDC Managers
Effective Pay Plan Formulas that Achieve Results
Internet Ups: Guiding the Prospect from Email to Phone to Showroom
Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, Illinois dealers will have to maintain injury and illness records -- the OSHA 300 log. Learn how to be compliant.
A free,-half-day presentation to sharpen your lease penetration skills in time for the lease taxation change coming Jan. 1, 2015.
Illinois Revenue Department officials explain the state's changes to taxation of leased vehicles, effective Jan. 1, 2015.
Fixing the F&I Bottleneck . . . to Satisfy the Customer's Needs and Demands Without Killing Profit
All Dealership Mgrs: How to Coach Your Team to Success... Easy to Follow Process for Record-Breaking Results
A free, half-day presentation to sharpen your lease penetration skills in time for the lease taxation change coming Jan. 1, 2015.
A free, half-day seminar to sharpen your lease penetration skills in time for the lease taxation change coming Jan. 1, 2015.
Internet Ups: Guiding the Prospect from Email to Phone to Showroom
Getting All Auto Group Parts Mgrs of All OEMs on a Common Reporting System . . . It's Not Rocket Science​
Mix the IRS with Seldom-Enforced DOL Reporting Requirements . . . then Add in Obamacare . . . More Enforcement Concerns for Auto Dealers
New IRS Tax Policies and Applications Help Defray Image Program Construction Expenses
A free, half-day seminar to sharpen your lease penetration skills in time for the lease taxation change coming Jan. 1, 2015.
Discover the touch points and analytics that drive industry leaders, with representatives of a Chicago-based global design firm.
Internet Ups: Guiding the Prospect from Email to Phone to Showroom
The 5 Key Habits of Super Star Controllers & Office Managers
Update on the Dealership Buy/Sell Marketplace...What is Driving Blue Sky Values?
Back Office Consolidation for Multi-Location Dealer Groups
A discussion of creating compelling content to convince and convert shoppers, and thus improve inventory ROI.
The Art of Service Management - Combining the Art of Management with the Automotive Technology Science​
Best Practice Hiring & Training for the Automotive BDC
Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Used Vehicle Manager
The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional General Manager
How to Create a Professional Image on the Service Drive... Improve Retention, CSI, Sales & Profits ​
Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators . . . A Deeper Look at this "Every Manager" Tool
Effective Dealership BDCs . . . What's Working & What to Avoid
The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Service Manager
How to Make Parts eCommerce Work for Your Dealership . . . It's more than just eBay!
Make more money! A Scientifically Proven & New Look at Fixed Ops Pay Plans.
An important presentation on dealer advertising, with officials charged with making sure the ads comply with the Illinois Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations.
Update on the Latest Version of Obamacare/ACA... Actions Car Dealers Need to Take Soon!
The Habits & Practices of Highly Effective Parts Managers -- What do the best parts managers do every day to be recognized as exceptional and a high-value asset to the dealership!
Driving Dealership Profit - Five Key Factors Holding You Back . . . and How to Fix Them Now! Learn the 5 Things that Every Manager Can Focus on Every Month . . . and Watch Your Profits Grow!
Fixed Operations Pay Plans . . . The 5 Reasons Some Work . . . While Others Fail. The Continued Fast-pace of change in the service and parts business has pushed fixed ops directors to come up with new ideas on how to use pay plans to motivate.
Gateway to Data "Insecurity Hell" . . . Dealership's 3rd Party Vendors. Why dealerships offer a rich target of opportunity for data and identity thieves! The lessons for auto dealers from retailer Target's data hijacking experience. Avoid being a "Target"!
Why 70% of Used Car Departments Underperform . . . and How to Unlock Your Real Used Vehicle Potential ​
How to Use "Captive Insurance" to Generate Cash Flow & Tax Benefits . . . While Still Managing Risk ​
Which Online Tactics are Working Best in Dealerships Today? Seven Most Effective Online Marketing Ideas for Immediate Implementation...Cut Through the Clutter!
How to Create a Killer Business Plan for your Service Department
Updated Phone Skills for Showroom and BDC. Take your Showroom Sales and Receptionist Skill Set to a New Level...
How to get the exact credit score of every customer who walks into the showroom -- no Social Security number is needed and it doesn't affect the consumer's score in any way.
A discussion of newer online platforms such as live chat, social media, consumer reviews and reputation management.
How Employee Satisfaction Can Drive Customer Loyalty and Retention! The proven way to improve customer retention is to focus on your employees and to create a great place to work.
How to Identify & Stop Internal Theft! Who has their hand in your Cookie Jar today? How Dealership Controllers can think like a thief in order to catch a thief!
What's New in Pre-Employment Screening...Background Checks and Interviewing Just Got Tougher!
How to Reconcile the Parts Inventory to the General Ledger...Bridging the Troublesome and Often Costly Gap!
Strengthen your dealership's efforts to comply with the CFPB's fair credit requirements. A special presentation by NADA Chief Regulatory Counsel Paul Metrey.
Keys to Shrinking WIP and Unapplied Labor! Practical tips on how to get a firm grip on these troublesome and profit draining accounts. Shrink the pile.
Dealership Technology 2014 . . . DMS Check Up What works . . . What doesn't work . . . What has really changed and is it better?
Career Paths for Service Advisors & Techs . . . Boost Employee Retention & Morale . . . Recruit Better Applicants. How to create a Career Path for positions that do not appear to have one. Learn how recognition and career advancement are better motivators than money alone.
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis: Dealership Financial Statement Analysis - The Advanced Course​
Parts Profitability - A New Look at Pricing Updated for Both Wholesale & Retail
Coping with Tougher Dept of Labor - Wage & Hour Enforcement...What Car Dealers Need to Know
The Chicago Auto Show, Feb. 8 - Feb 17.
How to Run your Store(s) by the Numbers...The Data-Driven Advantages of Operational vs Financial Analysis​
How to Plan & Conduct a Strategic Planning Process A Six-Step Process that Insures Results
How Auto Dealers can "MoneyBall" Their Advertising Strategy for 2014
Join us from 9:30-11:00 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 17 at the CATA for this free workshop, where you will have the chance to learn more about how SOCIALDEALER can help your social media strategy surrounding the 2014 Chicago Auto Show to provide your fans as-it-happens content and give you the chance to enroll onsite.
How to "Read Your Service Customer's Mind" to Promote Retention and Satisfaction
How to Match Service Marketing to Your Service Process for Maximum ROI
How to Avoid the Costly Threats from Pirated Software Audits and Criminal Crypto Viruses
2014 Chicago Auto Show Discount Ticket Order Form for CATA members.
How to Manage & Maximize Your Dealership Marketing Investments in Today's Multi-Channel Environment
LinkedIn for Auto Dealerships...How to Build, Maintain and Safely Market to Your Contact Network.
Interactive Workshop: Leveraging the Power of Content. You hear it all the time: "Content is King!" But what does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean for your dealership and why is this expression still meaningful after all these years?
BluePrinting the Body Shop... A Process for Improving Efficiency & Profits
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Parts Managers - De-Mystifying the Financial Statement!
Forecasting 2014: A step-by-step guide for creating actionable forecasts that yield results! Next year promises to be very good for auto retailers. How to develop strategies to seize the opportunities of an "up year" with a super forecasting process.
Facebook's New "Newsfeed Ads" Provide New Opportunities for Auto Dealerships! Learn all about Facebook's new advertising medium and how/if your dealership should invest in Facebook's "Newsfeed Ad" platform.​
How to Self-Audit Your Own F&I Process and Compliance! How to minimize financial and reputation damage from customer lawsuits and audits from regulatory agencies! 6 and 7-figure audit and/or judgment liabilities are common. Learn to steer clear of often hidden F&I pitfalls.
Google Adwords+...Tricks of the Trade to Get the Best Bang for your Digital Ad Bucks
New Financial Reporting Rules! Dealerships can save a lot of money by adopting the AICPA's New Financial Reporting Framework (FRP) Rules!
How to Improve Telephone Skills in Fixed Ops! Better telephone skills in service will lead to more appointments and improvements in customer retention.
How to Swim Safely with the DMS Sharks! DMS Negotiation Skills 101 - How to get what you need from your next DMS contract and get your team ready for complex negotiations.
The Millionaire Service Advisor...How One Advisor Struck it Rich by Learning to "Collect Customers"! ​
Are you buying the right cars at the right prices at auction? Ever wonder how to keep online buyers on your inventory? Looking to build more consumer confidence? Interested in turning car buyers into service customers?
Learn How Google Wildfire is Recasting Digital Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealers
Dealership Data Security in a World of More and More 3rd Party Vendors!
New Tools for Motivating Managers with Relevant Financial Data!
The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional Automotive Controller
How to Create a "Disney-Like" Customer Experience In Your Dealership Service Department
How to Harness 21st Century Technology for Increases in Staff Efficiency, Computer Security & Cost Control ​
How to Generate Your Own Sales Leads by Effective Prospecting Via the BDC and Beyond! The easiest way to generate leads is to buy them! But it might not be the most effective.
How to Avoid the Bermuda Triangle of Advertising Expense in Your Dealership or Group -- Do you sometimes feel like you simply MUST advertise to stay competitive...but really have no idea if you are spending wisely and effectively?
TelCom Tech Confusion! Cutting Thru the Clutter of New Technologies and Apps for Dealership Telecom Systems
Video Marketing Strategies That Sell Cars
Free Encore Presentation of... Featuring Steve Nickelsen: How to Fine-Tune the Used Vehicle Department to Spot Weaknesses and Supercharge Results
Tips for Turning Your Quick Service Lane from a Loss Leader into a Profit Driver!
New Parts Pricing Strategies to Profitably React & Adjust to New Factory Parts Systems & Initiatives!​
An important presentation with officials charged with making sure the ads are compliant.
A free seminar to help develop selling skills, enhance communication skills and close more sales.
How to Manage the 8 Controllables of Dealership Service Profits! It's a lot more than knowing how to read financial reports!
How to Prepare Now for the Inevitable 50% Drop in R.O.s. Longer scheduled service intervals and significant improvements in vehicle quality...the result will be fewer vehicles in your service drive.
Evolving BDC Management Strategies: How to Keep Pace with the Changes & Make the New Pieces Fit! Exploding advances in related technology have driven advancement of traditional BDC strategies.
Improve Service Dept Results 15-20% with New Mgt Process & Revised Tech Compensation...Live Case Studies Revealed! If you are continually "balancing" your best tech's hours by giving them "gravy" maintenance tasks - a "re-think" is in order!
Learn to Identify and Plug Your IT Security Weak Spots . . . Dealership IT and Data Security In An Age of Multiple Devices & Systems.
The Seven "P"s for Success in Accessory Sales! Still up-tapped by most dealerships . . .
How to Warm Up, Revive & Sell to Cold Sales Leads! Tips, Scripts and Templates for following up with unsold and otherwise cold Sales Leads.
The annual CATA golf outing is June 10 at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont.
How to Sell Parts & Accessories on eBay - Secrets from Dealership eBay Parts Sellers!
What Fixed Ops Managers Need to Know about Financial Statement and Analytical Reporting. The Financial Statement is your road map to higher profits. Learn to quickly decipher the data to compare key performance indicators, calculate profit gaps and measure staff performance.
Do-it-Yourselfer's Guide to Reducing Online Marketing Expenses! How to do more with what you already spend! Get a handle on the confusing array of Internet marketing vendors! Stop wasted duplications and inefficiencies. Learn to audit and save!
New Trends in Automotive Sales Force Management - Recruitment, Compensation & Management Style. The impact of the massive Generation "Y" is already making itself evident in your showroom. Adjust to the demands and preferences of Gen Y to attract and keep the best of this generational cohort.
A great mix of speakers will deliver the latest online strategies and best practices used today by leading dealerships around the country at a two-day conference in Rosemont.
What Sales Managers Need to Know About the Financial Statement! Better understanding of the financial statement can help guide you to higher gross profit and more bottom line profit. Let Sandi show you how...
Social Media Policy Update - The Rules Have Changed Again! Most existing Social Media Policies need to be rewritten in light of recent rulings from the National Labor Relations Board. Pre-existing Policies are probably illegal.
Advanced Google Analytics for Auto Dealerships - Updated 2013! For Internet Managers in dealerships with a basic knowledge of Google Analytics - but looking for more ways to employ this powerful tool. ​
What's New, Different and Innovative in Fixed Ops Pay Plans! Fast-paced changes in the service and parts business have pushed fixed ops directors to come up with new ideas on how to use pay plans to motivate staff members and achieve department goals!
De-Mystifying Social Media Marketing for Auto Dealerships. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare, Pinterest, Mashable, Hootsuite, Radian6, Tumblr, Flickr...and that's just the short list. Which and How to Employ in your Store!
A Plan to Capture 40+ Added Units per Month. Selling Cars on the Service Drive! Presentation will include a case study of a Kia dealership that went from zero to 20+ units per month off the Service Drive in just a couple of months. Learn about the process, technology and accountability that makes it work.
Basic Google Analytics 101 for Auto Dealers - How to Get Started! Getting started from scratch - How to use this remarkable tool to get detailed background info on your customers and their online path to your Website.
Top Ten Dealership Cost Savers... How Dealers Saved Big Bucks in the Past Year and How You Can Too! Strategies Used by Dealerships that Produced the Biggest Savings-Bang-for-the-Buck - Doug shares how much was saved and how it was done!
Six "Pulse" Reports to Measure Parts Inventory Health. Providing depth of understanding for Parts Managers and an easy way for Controllers and others to keep tabs on the financial performance of the department...​
Sales Tax Audits in Dealerships... Large 6 & 7-Figure Judgments are Becoming More Common- Prepare Now! ​
Parts eCommerce- How (and If) Your Dealership Can Profit by Selling Parts Online. It's a lot more than just eBay! A detailed examination of the issues, suppliers, software solutions and more. Don't let the competition catch you flat-footed!
How the "All Makes/All Models" Business Plan Can Succeed in Your Service Department. Aftermarket retailers are making tons of money with this model, yet most dealerships continue to struggle. Learn the secrets of those dealerships successful with "All Makes/All Models."
How to Create a Business Plan for your Service Dept - Opportunities for 2013! Opportunity is knocking for improved sales and profits in the Service Department! Are you ready to take full advantage in 2013? First you need a plan!
How to Create a Business Plan for your Service Dept - Opportunities for 2013! Opportunity is knocking for improved sales and profits in the Service Department! Are you ready to take full advantage in 2013? First you need a plan!
Forward-thinking employers are starting to think about workforces without baby boomers. Also, insights on leading the younger generations.
How to Plan for Parts Department Success in 2013! If you don't have a plan...then you are planning to fail! And hope is not a strategy! A new year faces us all. How will we make the most of the opportunities it offers?
Learn the Secrets and Savings of Consolidating Back Office Ops for Multi-Location Dealer Groups! Many have tried and failed...Learn about those who and made it work well and how you can too!
Best Practices for Using Benchmarks to Drive Improved Dealership and Dept. Results! An examination of benchmarking for both financial and non-financial dealership managers.
How to Employ a Business Development Center to Boost Service & Parts Profits! A detailed discussion of how to apply this tested & proven business-building process to help fuel service and parts growth! ​
What DMS vendors don't want you to know! How to Analyze Your DMS Billing and Systematically Reduce Costs! There's tons of money to be saved by shaving your monthly DMS charges! Learn from the recognized pro!
How to Close More Showroom Ups - 21st Century Process for Sales and Internet Managers! After you have mastered the art of creating more 'ups' - Now you are ready to improve your Closing Ratio! The customer has changed, the closing process needs an update!
20 D-I-Y Tips to Identify, Prevent and Minimize Threats from Breaches in Dealership Security & Safety! How to shop growing losses from random crime and vandalism, as well as from legal claims resulting from safety issues...both increasingly troublesome dealership issues!
Advanced Effective Labor Rate Engineering! Learn the simple science of small changes in service pricing that yield large, yet transparent, increases in your ELR! Add $6, $7 or more to your ELR by learning this process!
As workplaces prepare to implement the health care law, get an overview of what's ahead and how to react.​
How to get dealership "top management" and the parts manager on the same page! What Dealers, GMs and Controllers Need to Know about the Parts Department - and why Parts Managers need to keep them informed!
Affordable Health Care Act Implementation for Car Dealers - What you need to do right NOW! Now that courts have ruled - Obamacare implementation rolls on! That means deadlines that auto dealers need to be aware of and in compliance of. The penalties can be stiff!
A free social media refresher course plus a panel discussion of facts, secrets of marketing to moms, along with best practices.
How Lead Controllers & CFOs Can Master the Management of Multiple Stores and Staffs! Master the art of "managing at a distance!" Group Controllers are challenged to maintain tight financial and business office discipline at dealer group locations. Learn ways to keep everything and everybody on the same page!
How to Achieve & Maintain 100% Service Absorption! How top-performing dealerships mobilize the entire dealership management team to achieve 100% Service Absorption! A Case Study Approach! An elusive goal no longer!
Twitter for Car Dealers 101 - How to Generate Site Traffic & Leads! A primer on how to employ the marketing magic of Twitter to drive more traffic to your dealership's Website - creating more sales and service leads!
At a free presentation, a speaker from Univision discusses how to connect with this growing market segment.​
Best Practices of the Very Best Parts Advisors! The habits of highly-effective Parts Advisors! What Makes Them Very Good at their Job and a Valuable Asset to the Department and the Dealership!
Strategies and Tools to Shrink WIP and Unapplied Labor! Monthly Headaches! Work-in-Process and Unapplied Labor! A Practical Discussion of both the Accounting issues and practical steps to help eliminate WIP and Unapplied Labor in your Service Department!
How to Protect Your Dealership DMS from Harmful Employee-Installed Software! Investigators have already discovered one Georgia dealership in which employees had installed infamous "Peer-to-Peer" file sharing software, resulting in the compromising of personal info of 95,000 customers.
Dealership Body Shops - How to Fine-Tune for Maximum Growth and Profits! While many dealers have run from body shops in the past decade, a few have actually learned to prosper in this profit center! Learn how they are getting it done & how to learn from their success. Improve your Body Shop or maybe get back into the business!
A deeper look at Google's Penguin update, recent changes may have dropped your website's rankings! Google is constantly changing the search rank algorithms! Everyone wants top-of-page-one search results. Since most people never look at anything past the first few listings, this placement is of utmost importance to your success.
Spender Control - Getting a Grip on Expenses by Controlling. Who Does the Spending! It's Time to Get a Grip! Some dealerships are found to be doing business with 16 towing companies...up to 68 advertising and marketing firms! Who is spending & why? This is costing you...and it's totally controllable!​
The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a Telephone System Upgrade...Including the DMS Options. Telephone systems have evolved again and again over the past century. Now we are faced with the merging of data processing and telephony systems to create an even greater array of choices. Join us as expert Phillip Sherman helps to simply the selection process for your dealership or group.
How to Sell Parts and Accessories on eBay - Best Practices of Dealership Power Sellers! Many have tried to sell dealership parts on eBay. but few have mastered the techniques and approach needed to succeed! eBay Trainer Clayton Stanfield shares the Power Sellers' Secrets in this Webinar!
Fearless Firing! - How to Terminate an Employee the Right Way! Every dealership department manager needs to have a working knowledge of what the law says about your ability to fire someone!
How to Fine Tune the New Vehicle Departments to Spot Weaknesses and Supercharge Results! Are you New Vehicle Departments operating at peak efficiency and profits? Just how would a knowledgeable outsider measure and analyze this key profit center? Find out at this Webinar!
Jodi Kippe: How to identify and stop internal theft in the dealership. Failing to be alert for employee schemes to embezzle or otherwise steal from the dealership can be not only costly - It's embarrassing! Find out what to look for…
How to Deliver a Consistent Message Over the Many New Dealership Advertising Channels! The influence of the Internet has made the simple task of managing dealership advertising very complex. Learn how to orchestrate many and divergent marketing efforts to deliver a unified and consistent customer-enticing message.
Business Development Centers-Industry Best Practices Revealed! What your competition does not know and how you can use these Best Practices to beat them in the marketplace!
Fixed Operations Marketing - New Tools & Tactics! How to use the new tools of Guerilla Marketing for your Fixed Ops departments - A multi-pronged marketing approach to bring in more parts and service business!​
Identifying the Hidden and Profit-Draining Costs of Parts Inventory! Most common performance measurements in the parts department are just too superficial. Learn the hidden costs so that you can improve inventory efficiency and parts department ROI!
Internet Ups: Guiding the Prospect from Email to Phone to Your Showroom. A practical guide to keep your prospects "in the net" until you can greet them on the showroom floor.
Fine-Tune and Improve Performance in Your Service Department! How Dealers, GMs, would-be GMs and Controllers - Not to mention Service Managers themselves -- can measure Service Department Performance to find and highlight areas of weakness and to formulate action plans for improvement!
Fine-Tune and Improve Performance in Your Service Department! How Dealers, GMs, would-be GMs and Controllers - Not to mention Service Managers themselves -- can measure Service Department Performance to find and highlight areas of weakness and to formulate action plans for improvement!
The annual CATA Golf Outing returns to Cog Hill Golf & Country Club after a three-year hiatus.
1st Chicago digital dealer conference May 9-10 at CATA. A conference providing information on some of the hottest digital marketing topics in the industry—SEO, social media, Internet marketing, leveraging data, tracking, BDC departments, online reviews, chat, mobile apps and more—convenes May 9-10 at the CATA.
Tax Treatment of Image Programs - Forget everything you thought you knew! Even if your Tax savings are already in the bank or still yet to come, the 2008 tax treatments for Image Program expenses were believed to be beneficial for dealers. Fast-forward to December 2011...Everything changed...retroactively! Get a clean sheet of paper and join us for an important discussion of these changes and how dealers need to adjust and prepare.
How to Eliminate Overcharges in 5 Key Supplier Categories. Doug Austin, the Super Sleuth of Spend Management will demonstrate how five dealership supplier categories routinely overcharge your organization and what to do about it. Visit just 90 to 120 minutes with Doug and eliminate thousands of dollars in excess expense.
How to separate Myth and Misconception from the Reality of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Auto Dealerships. Dealership managers often have some totally misguided ideas about what is and is not legal under the FLSA - and coming changes and rising enforcement make this even more important to you today!​
Advanced Google Analytics for Auto Dealerships!
How to Measure & Then Improve Your Customer Retention Performance! How one dealer improved his first year customer retention from 20% to over 55% resulting in record profit improvement.
How to Fine-Tune and Improve Performance of Your Parts Dept! How GMs, would-be GMs and Parts Managers alike can measure the Parts Department's Performance to find areas of weakness and formulate strategies for improvement.
How to Use Active Online Car Shopper Data to Grab More Sales. Listen in as Jason tells how you can read your prospective customer's "online bread crumbs"! If you don't your competition will!
Online Lead Generation- Tips for Improving Lead-Efficiency and Your Aim. Improving the Conversion Rates from your dealership's websites and online assets with free tools, tactics and strategies!
Service Advisor Breakthrough! Warning, this is not your average, mild-mannered, service advisor training!​
Your DMS--Convert to Another or Accept What You Have? Take the inertia and fear out of the equation when deciding whether or not to switch DMS providers. Sandi's step-by-step process and checklist.
When Hiring- Pre-Employment Process - Pick the Right Candidate. Pre-Employment is the time to really get to know the candidate - Learn from what they tell you and what they want to hide.
Google Analytics 101 For Car Dealerships! How to use this remarkable tool to get detailed background info on your customers and their online path to your Website!
Seven Essentials for Buy-Here, Pay-Here Success. How to create BHPH or LHPH Success in Your Dealership or Group . . . Is this for you? It's time you found out!
Financial Statement Analysis for Dealership Department Managers. Learn how dealers, GMs and their CPAs read the financial statement for your department. Knowing what they look for will better equip you for improvement of your department.
Fixed Operations Growth Opportunities & Obstacles. How dealers and fixed ops managers can capitalize on big opportunities in 2012 while avoiding wasted efforts and worse. How to plan for fixed ops growth in the coming year!
Variable Operations - Get Prepared for a Watershed Year in 2012! The stars are all lined up for a boom year for car dealers in 2012! Are you ready to make the most of the opportunities?
How to Rebuild Trust with Your Service Lane Customers! Service customers cite "lack of trust" for abandoning your service dept. - Learn how you can turn that around and earn their business
Business Math for Parts Managers...Managing By the Numbers! How to read and then manage by the Parts Section of the financial statement and other Key Ratios and Guides.
Get steps to take action now rather than continuing to "wait till later." Also, insights into what manufacturers will require in the future in order to approve changes in ownership.
Auto dealers know that a consistent sales process in the showroom is necessary for success! No less so in the Service Drive! Find out how out how your peers are prospering with professional service lane selling systems & how you can too!
How to Align Your Advertising Plan to Match the Car-Shoppers Internet-Driven Decision Point...and, What is ZMOT?
How to Achieve and Maintain 100% Service Absorption! A strategic plan drawn from case studies of your peer dealerships regularly exceeding 100% Service Absorption. Find out how they get it done!
Held annually at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, 2012 marks the the 104th edition of the Chicago Auto Show.
How to Get in Front of the Smart Phone Wave in Your Dealership
Protecting Your Dealership from Hackers & Cyber-Crooks
The Real Impact of OEM Parts Auto Stock Replenishment - Study Results Revealed!
Attend an important presentation on dealer advertising, with officials charged with making sure the ads comply with the regulations.
Maximize Results from Your Customer Database - without Angering the Customer
Find out how eBay-experienced and successful dealers are leveraging the eBay sales channel to achieve even greater success!
Get better results from the Internet leads you are already generating! 5 ways to get an immediate bump in sales and closings from your digital marketing efforts!
Top 7 Mistakes Dealerships Make When Buying Phone Systems - or - why mixing your IT and phone technology can cost you big time?
New Trends in Compensation - Getting Past "Percentage of the Gross"
How to Maximize the Value of Your Dealership or Dealer Group
Redefining Parts Obsolescence & A Process for Better Control
Strategies and Tools to Shrink WIP and Unapplied Labor
Are you making the most effective use of the Internet for sales? Learn how to at this free presentation.​
Effective Digital Marketing Techniques for Your Fixed Operations Departments. How to create and then leverage Online Marketing Assets to build service and parts business. The Internet is NOT just for new and used car sales!
How to Understand & Benefit from Online Dealer Rating & Review Sites: Online sites that rate and review dealers do not have to be the enemy.
Don't get left behind! Your competitors are learning how to use Smart Phones and in the process winning over your customers. A few simple tactics and tricks will put you out in front!
Webcast of the CATA/IDOR Forum held on June 7, 2011 at CATA Headquarters
Get a Firm Handle on the 'Costs-of-Doing Business' with the 5 Expense Levers: A Practical Guide to Identifying and Reducing Many of Your Recurring "Costs-of-doing-business" for annual savings of $200,000+ per year.
How to Use New Tax Strategies to Offset Dealership Construction Costs: Six-figure offsets are very possible if you plan shrewdly!
Read Your Customers' Online Minds - How to predict the market's future with today's online behavior & data!
Benchmarks that Define the Very Best Parts Managers: What measurements define superlative performance in parts inventory management and what are the best practices that help the "best" be the "BEST"
Managing & Selling to Generation "Y" in the Dealership: Why it's important: By 2012 40% of all car shoppers will be Gen "Y"- You simply must understand this new and growing segment of employees and customers!​
Seven Often Missed Profit Opportunities for Your Business Development Center: Why your Call Center is not living up to expectations and how to fix it now!
Unions have signaled new resolve to organize at dealerships. Learn how to be ready.
Converting E-mail Ups to Showroom Appointments: Getting past the "shield" and into a face-to-face meeting.​
The Family and Medical Leave Act was passed into law in 1993 and has resulted in much confusion and litigation for employers all around the country. Since the law has a direct impact on any business with more than 50 employees, auto dealers often find themselves right in the legal crosshairs when it comes to employee lawsuits based on FMLA provisions.
Review tax issues important to dealers with leading representatives of the Revenue Department.
A no-cost gathering of dealer principals, their managers and exhibiting allied members featuring B-toB exhibitors, "Fast Track" Summer Seminars, lunch and prizes.
Steve Nickelsen tells us that in his travels more than half of all dealers are understaffed in sales. Returning demand for both new and used vehicles has left many dealerships under-manned and somewhat out of practice in finding the best new hires. If you find yourself wishing you have a few more top performers, then spending 90 minutes with Steve Nickelsen may be just what the doctor ordered.
How the independents make big $ in Body Shops and how you can too! Auto dealers are getting back into the body shop business and learning a new model that produces great margins and profit! Learn their secrets!
Paul Gillrie: A Candid Comparison of the Top DMS Systems. There are more choices today - and more tomorrow. Visit with Paul Gillrie as he offers you an insider's look at the strengths & weaknesses of each DMS solution. With the number of viable DMS vendors expanding beyond the historical leaders, just how do you make decisions on which system and vendor is best for your dealership?
Mark Payne: How to Avoid Physical Parts Inventory Nightmares. Take a fresh look at annual physical inventories for the parts department. Not only will this session detail steps needed to "get ready," it will also provide the answers to some probing questions - Why? How? and How Much?
Alexi Venerri: Anatomy of a Killer Dealership Facebook Page. Learn what it takes to build a Facebook page with all the right marketing elements & how one dealership went from Zero to over 1,400 "Likers" in just six months!
J.D. Rucker: The ROI of Do-It-Yourself Social Media for Your Dealership. Social Media has gripped the attention of the automotive retailing world. Experts are descending like locusts demanding massive efforts. "Hold on" claims another well-known expert, J.D. Rucker, "You can DIY and Less is More! How to find the ROI in Social Media!"
Parts Inventory Reconciliation II - The Practical How to Approach. Rob Campbell describes the precise processes he uses to isolate and justify differences between the General Ledger and the DMS parts inventory figures. It often results in hair-pulling by the dealership's controller and frustration on the part of the parts manager.
Free seminar: SEO Revealed. Industry experts help dealers, GMs understand steps to move up on search engine results pages.
Parts Inventory Reconciliation Part II - The Advanced Course: Bill Gordon, former National Training Manager for Hyundai takes another, perhaps deeper look at why the parts pad might not match the controller's general ledger
Digital Marketing for Auto Dealers: How to Optimize your Google Places Listing: How to amplify your dealership brands and leverage customer reviews with Google Places
How to Detect and Prevent Internal Dealership Theft: It is always the most unlikely and trusted employee - Learn how to remove temptation and stop devastating theft and embezzlements. Is your pocket being picked?
Since its inception in 1992, the Chicago Auto Show's benevolent event has raised $28.4 million for numerous Chicago area charities and the causes they serve. First Look for Charity appears prominently on the calendars of socialites and car buffs. The black-tie affair enables participants to behold the nation's largest auto show in grandeur, the evening before the show opens to the public, and indulge in a variety of hors d'oeuvres and champagne, wine, beer and other refreshments.
How to get to 30% Net-to-Gross... A Plan Based on Dealership Case Studies. An exploration of how other successful dealers and groups are achieving and maintaining 30% Net-to-Gross. If they can do it, you can too!
Reducing Exposure to Spiraling Health Insurance Costs: Finding ways to reduce the pain of increased costs by better understanding the system and how it works.
Social Media: The Case for Outsourcing your Dealership's Program: Social media is complicated and time-consuming and not for amateurs - Why seeking outside help may be the most cost-effective way to succeed at Social Media Marketing.
Six-Step Process for Conducting a Strategic Planning Session in Your Dealership or Group Create solid growth goals and the plan to make it happen. Strategic planning can reduce time spent “fighting fires” and help you focus on growing your dealership.
How the "Best-of-the-Best" Parts Advisors Get It Done Every Day The habits of highly effective Parts Advisors - What makes them very good at their jobs and a valuable asset to the dealership
Social Media & Dealership Employees – New Policies Needed: This is new territory for most auto dealers and the legal landscape if full of minefields. Well-crafted employee policies are a must!
ATcon on What's New in Pay Plans for Fixed Ops: Using creative pay plans to help manage, motivate and measure the professional performance of dealership employees is nothing new. But there are new ideas in how to use this basic motivational tool more effectively.
Expense Evaluation & Control Process: The wizard of spreadsheet analysis and financial controls takes on some of the thorny and hard-to-define expense categories. How to I.D. and reduce hard-to-plug profit leaks.
How Top-Level Managers can Effectively Lead Service & Parts Operations. How a General Manager or Controller - without previous hands-on experience- can effectively lead, monitor and manage fixed operations and make these departments more profitable. How to ask the right questions!
How to Training: Business Math for Service Managers: How to analyze your service and parts business "by the numbers" for greater accuracy when forecasting, budgeting and plotting the right course for bottom line improvement in the coming year.
How to Protect Your Dealership’s Online Reputation: Legitimate tactics to build a positive online profile, but also rebut and balance any negative reviews – How to fight back!
Protection from theft of customer lists, leads, business information & Indemnification in warranty litigation ​
How to stop losing service work due to price comparisons. #1 problem in service - Selling value over cut-rate competition
Sweeping rules that generally apply to dealers who obtain a consumer’s credit report and then enter into a credit transaction with that consumer take effect Jan. 1. The long-awaited Final Risk-Based Pricing Rule was constructed jointly by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Trade Commission.
CATA members can obtain Chicago Auto Show tickets at 45% off face value and vouchers that save the holder $4 off weekday admission.
Best Practices for Selling on AutoTrader. Tricks and Tactics from dealers who do well with AutoTrader listing. Presenter: Howard Polirer of AutoTrader.
Oct 26, 2010 08:08 PM
Business Plan for an Accessories Profits in Your Entire Dealership. How to "soup up" sales of accessories in both the showroom and the service drive. Presenter: Tyler Robbins of Automotive Training International​
Chuck Hartle's Parts Inventory Evaluation Tool - Nails Down Overall Dept Performance, the Key Measurement for believable and accurate inventory performance analysis. Presenter: "Parts Guru" Chuck Hartle' of PartsEdge
New Generation DMS Selling Tools - What's New & What's Worth the Cost. Dealership DMS retail technology is advancing & forcing new decisions on dealers. Presenter: Wayne Youngs, Executive Consultant at Dixon Hughes PLLC
"Prof" Ray Branch on How to Fix Your Technician Upsell Program Process to add .2 to .4 hours per customer paid repair order. Presenter: "Prof" Ray Branch of the KEEPS Corporation
Facebook for Dummies Auto Dealers. Step-by-Step- How to build a highly successful Dealership Facebook Fan Page. Presenter: "Rock Star" Tim Martell, President and Founder of
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