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New minimum wage poster can be downloaded from CATA Web site

November 17, 2010

Updated workplace posters that all employers must display for their workers can be gathered from the CATA Web site, Illinois businesses must obtain new posters to reflect the state’s increased minimum wage rates, effective July 1.


Along the top of the site’s homepage, a black bar identifies several information categories, each with a drop-down menu of topics. The rightmost category, Resources, is where the workplace posters are maintained.


All the federal posters, plus all state posters mandated by Illinois and Indiana, are posted—all in English versions and most in Spanish versions.


All of the increasing resources available on the CATA Web site are available free to members. The existing design misleadingly suggests that a password is necessary to navigate the site, but that will be corrected when the site is redesigned.


Passwords are needed only for dealers to manipulate the inventories they list at—another membership benefit offered free by the CATA.