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New law faults dealers if test-drive cars have windshield obstacles

December 29, 2017
An Illinois law that takes effect Jan. 1 can fine dealers if any stickers or other obstructions are not removed from the windshield of a car offered for sale or lease before a customer takes it for a test drive. Public Act 100-0346 amends a portion of the Illinois Vehicle Code.
According to the amended language:
"No new or used motor vehicle dealer shall permit a driver to drive a motor vehicle offered for sale or lease off the premises where the motor vehicle is being offered for sale or lease, including when the driver is test-driving the vehicle, with signs, decals, paperwork or other material on the front windshield or on the windows immediately adjacent to each side of the driver that would obstruct the driver’s view in violation of subsection (a-3) of this Section. 
"For purposes of this subsection (a-3), "test driving" means when a driver, with permission of the new- or used-vehicle dealer or employee of the new- or used-vehicle dealer, drives a vehicle owned and held for sale or lease by a new- or used-vehicle dealer that the driver is considering to purchase or lease."
The directive for dealerships adds to existing language in the Illinois Vehicle Code that forbids vehicle owners from obstructing their windshields with signs, posters and the like, and from applying tinting to the windows immediately adjacent to each side of the driver.
Persons found guilty of violating the new provisions shall be fined no less than $50 and no more than $500. Fines for a second or subsequent violation will be $100 to $500.
The changes, contained in House Bill 733, sailed through the General Assembly on unanimous votes of support.


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