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New fines for unaccountable TRPs

November 22, 2010
Citing abuse of the 2- year-old Temporary Registration Permit program, the Illinois secretary of state's office will send bills of $2,500 for every box of TRPs not checked in at the time of delivery, beginning April 1. The office also will charge participating agencies, including dealerships, $50 each for any damaged or voided TRP that cannot be accounted for. Such permits must be retained until picked up by secretary of state representatives. A lost or stolen TRP not accompanied by a police report or an insurance document also will be billed as an unaccountable TRP, bringing a $50 charge. If a second TRP is needed, only a secretary of state facility employee may issue the additional document. The government office has the discretion to waive the charges if an insurance claim or police report was filed, or if there is evidence that any TRPs were lost in a fire, flood or theft. In addition to any fines, TRP program violators could be suspended from the program. Repeated policy violations also could lead to the   suspension or revocation of an agency's license.